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Okay, so technically it might not be Zekk, because in the RPG sourcebook I found this in, the caption lists this guy as "a Shadow Academy student", but c'mon--the widow's peak, the ponytail, the crimson-backed cloak of glory? The pallid complexion, the awkward codpiece? This pretty much has to be Zekk:

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Uh oh!

Seems as though someone is making an appearance in the new Fate of the Jedi book, Backlash!

And here are some slight spoilers on what he's up to!Collapse )

Kind of sad that it seems to be a throwaway quick paragraph, but it's something.

(Yes, still bitter about the Blood Oath cancellation so I'm trying to be as positive as possible! XD)


So apparently the Zekk book is officially canceled and anything that was going to happen in it isn't going to be considered canon.

Does anyone have any thoughts/theories on what might've happened in the book?

And what do we do now that it's canceled besides sulllkkkkkkk? D: Fanfic/fanart challenges or something?


"Graceless", the first Zekk fanmix!

For serious! Here's a link to my livejournal entry; it's a post opened to general viewing and yes, that's the date I originally posted it. First Zekk mix ever, my friends, to get swallowed whole and not seen for years after a certain community went defunct.

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Wages of Sin

Another fanmix! Apparently we need more of them here! Disregard the snarkiness because I really do love him more than I make it sound like I do. I also readily admit that Zekk would hate all of this music. Zekk probably listens to Enya because it is soothing and helps him say calm and controlled and not Dark Side OMG!!1 If, say, Guns N' Roses or Pearl Jam were to come on the radio, Zekk would probably change the station in horror and spend the rest of the day being super uptight so their rampant emotions and anger wouldn't effect him. And yet I have happily unleashed all my epic angry shit on him like nobody's business! That and power ballads. Because that's how I roll.

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Zekk is for lovers.

Vent Crawler has just undergone a redesign, for those that are interested.

(Vent Crawler is a fansite/fanlisting/character shrine/resource dedicated to our lovely Zekk. :) )

Music To Be Murdered By || A Zekk Fanmix

Let's celebrate Zekk's emo-street-kid-ness with a fanmix!


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